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A Cute and lovely Mel!

After reading this Futari Ecchi Manga  or also known as Futari Ecchi manhwa. I just like to call it manga, not manhwa but dunno why. And I'm really interested in the characters set. This will be a review about one of our main characters, Mel. She's a fairly much heartless person in regards to informing someone really sad news (such as passing for example). She is also not interested in serious relationships, she just simply sleeps with plenty of women just because she wants to. She said that it is just her job. Later on, Mel founds out that she is a patient at the hospital and that is she's heart issues.
Futari Ecchi manga does something with characters you'll either hate or love. It really reveals the dark side of people as well as the great side. Look at Mel for instance, she had been pretty much heartless once the story began but she changed a lot. We also get a whole lot of situation like revenge, lust or greed. The characters are all different and I enjoy it. Now allow me to introduce some personalities to you and allow me to tell you my view about them.
I won't lie, Mel may be really my favorite character in Futari Ecchi. From the very start, she had been pretty much heartless and was not interested in serious relationships. But as the story goes on she meets a young woman named Lynn, who happens to be among those patients at the hospital. Mel was not really interested in this odd woman but when they somewhat closer she realized that she really has the feeling for her.

I'm pretty sure she suffers a whole lot because of it. It is really heartbreaking to look at them since it is possible that one of them can really die.
Mel is truly a fantastic person, well at least to Lynn. I swear she could be so cute to her that it will either melt or break your heart. It always gets me right in the read manga when they speak in the hospital, I mean...why do you do this to me.

She's really a fantastic person and nobody can tell me differently. She even wanted to present her own heart to Lynn, well that could be quite romantic- no no no, hell no do not do it. But even though, Mel is a fantastic character and the writer really did a fantastic job I will not lie. She is also very pretty for a physician, but we discuss it afterward. Finally a not-annoying primary character.

So this is my review about Mel, one of the main characters in Futari Ecchi. If you found this review is helpful, you can give this Korean manga a try.

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