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Easy Free Ways to Build Your Niche Site Backlinks

There are many ways to build backlinks to your niche site in 2016. Here are free and easy paths to having links in strategic places online so that your target audience can reach you faster;
Submit Your Site And Articles To Article Directories, Website Directories, And Social Bookmarking Sites
Submission of your site's link and articles which are optimized for primary and secondary niche related keywords to higher authority article directories, website directories and social bookmarking sites gives you relevant backlinks to your hompage or other webpages of your site which are the most relevant to your niche content and key phrases.
Starting A YouTube Video Channel
Videos are very popular in 2016 and among specific demographics such as youth and middle aged populations. Your Youtube videos will get indexed quickly and can rank quicker than the webpages of your website. slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world (novel)  Make sure your Youtube videos are about how to tutorials, funny topics, sports, and that your video description and profile has your links visible.
Write Original Articles
You can share your unique articles which are optimized for your niche related keywords on article directory sites which have higher authority in the search engines. Put in your link in the appropriate profile and article resource box or in the description area. Submit at least a couple of articles which target different keywords. Keep check of keyword density and don't go for over than 2%.
Start A Side Blog
Starting a side blog which is related to your niche site with your backlink to your main site may give you an additional boost in the search engine result pages. For instance search engines like Google like it very much when they hokuou kizoku to moukinzuma no yukiguni karigurashi see their Blogger platform links to a website. Build backlinks to your side blog as well.
Open A Facebook Account
Opening a Facebook account and creating a fan page about your website is another way to build backlinks to your niche site's pages. Follow people interested in your topics by searching for Facebook fans which use some of your target keywords and phrases. Share content on your fan page, and put in your links in profile, description, Facebook notes areas.
Join A Forum or Start One