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How Market Regulations Create Their Own Economic Problems

It seems like every few decades the world has a sort of an economic crisis which stems from different causes and effects over time. The key to understanding these recessions is not only in understanding the economics of free markets and how various governments and corporations over regulate and destroy free markets, but in also understanding human psyche influenced by individuals, various interest groups and media which seems to perpetual financial fears which already exist in the eye of the customer and the business owner.
The Purpose of Free Markets
Free markets developed from one idea which was based in the logical fact that the free markets will always self regulate themselves. If an individual or a business of any kind has something of value to sell, read sekaiichi hatsukoi  trade, or share with target customers which have a need, desire, interest in a certain product or service then it is up to the free market to connect the two to their mutual benefit for a price or trade which the particular segment of the market is willing and/or able to pay at a specific time. Capitalism is usually a system that thrives when free markets are allowed to flow and operate, however whenever too much regulation, interest lobbies, and various government schemes interfere the result is often a sort of a predictable stop to the flow of value, products, services, money and prosperity.
Capitalism thus has its own faults, but those faults depend also on the fact that most economic models stem from people and nations themselves. Socialism on another hand, with all its theoretical ideology of helping people, actually destroys free markets and thus causes extreme poverty, destruction and hopelessness from the lack of faith and knowledge in and of a self regulating free market where customers choose what they need, want, and is helpful to them the most at a particular time.
Self-Interest and Common Interest are Not Separated
It is difficult to understand a simple obvious secret of human life that an individual's self interest is tied to common interest. Extreme self interest which manifests in different lobbies trying to gain laws and regulations that only serve their own interests hurts their own economy and gains over time. Extreme common interest forgets the individual self-interest in free markets and thus destroys whole segments of the market, customers and businesses over time. Both of these extremes have caused grievous harm to national and international economics over time and space.
The balance between self-interest of an individual, rokujouma no shinryakusha light novel  group, nation, company, business and the common interest of others who are not within those groups and identities is in free markets which do not see everything as a competition always, but also as a form of cooperation. The tie between a customer and a business is in the free market, the obstacle between a customer and a business is any regulation which doesn't take in account the bigger picture of economy.