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How Men Project Their Shortcomings onto Women

Some men often project their shortcomings onto women due to a variety of reasons. This is not said in order to demonize all men or to punish them since most women will often project their own shortcomings onto men as well but in a different, somewhat reverse path way then men.
Human psyche has feminine and masculine elements. Each individual thus carries within these elements, some which will develop over time, and some which will be suppressed.
Men are usually brought up to see women as physically weaker, and this perceived weakness they internalize by putting themselves in the role of the defenders, protectors, and heroes. rebirth online world  Whenever they see a weak trait within themselves they project it onto women. Hence why most slurs for weakness is referred to female genitalia.
Whenever a man fails at something, they then must blame it onto their feminine part of the psyche, and men will externalize their inner emotions and mindsets and project it onto the nearest female. This is why some men, who are unable to self-criticize themselves and overcome their temporary failures in life, will physically abuse their spouses, or any other female in their lives. Abused women will sometimes think they are truly at fault even for the abuse, because women usually internalize the outside world thinking everything outside of them is the mirror image of their inner psyche.
An abusive man uses his victim then as a substitute for his own psychological fragility. His abuse is not even about the victim in the first place, but about himself repressing his own emotions to the point of exploding with uncontrollable rage, anger, and helplessness. This is not to excuse any abuser, whether male or female. This is simply an explanation of some of the basic reasons for why some men harm
others and torture themselves with refusing to acknowledge their own faults like an emotionally healthy individual.
When men are taught by their social and professional environment to view emotions as weakness, as being a domain of woman like things, then they project those perceptions to their outside world instead of dealing with their own emotions from within and not escaping them.
Escape from emotions doesn't make anyone more masculine, tensei shitara  it only makes an individual limited and repressed. Emotions are a natural human experience, and while women do have a wider variety of emotion based states, men have fewer which they still refuse to acknowledge from time to time.
Men are afraid of their own emotions, because they were never even taught how to respond to them, or deal with the most intense of them. The fragility of such a psychological state steeped in ignorance and misunderstanding becomes a fertile ground from which self-abuse, and / or abuse of others springs out from.
Men thus project their emotional states onto women. They see their own emotions as shortcomings instead of opportunities for growth and getting to know self. If a man has an ache, he thinks the outside world needs to be changed instead of his own inner perspective and self-perception.