How Our Conscious and Subconscious Minds Conceive and Determine Our Personal Experiences 

It is in human nature to explore, to desire, to need, and to want. It is natural to strive for an ideal in our lives. This ideal should not be someone else's but our own ideal of reaching and achieving everything we have ever wanted without thinking it is selfish of egotistical. In order to reach our ideal, our aim, our goals in life our conscious and subconscious minds need to unite.
The conscious mind is only a part of our awareness of the world around us and within us. The subconscious mind is another vital part of our awareness of the world within us. hachi-nan  The conscious mind which experience with our senses influences the subconscious into thinking what is our reality. In other simplified words, the conscious mind observes that water is wet and the subconscious accepts this observation as fact.
However our subconscious mind can also be influenced by persistent negative feelings and thought patterns, the subconscious mind then thinks those feelings and thoughts as the only reality over time. If one doesn't divert their thoughts and feelings towards positive experiences and emotions, the subconscious begins to only create additional negative scenarios. In a simplified way, if an individual has had low grades in chemistry in secondary school, they might start thinking that their grades will always be low. The subconscious mind interprets this perception as fact, and supports it. An individual thus sabotages himself or herself in collage when they are taking mandatory chemistry class and still get lower grades. Habitual negative expectations can indeed create persistent negative outcomes.
The conscious mind can be corrected when it comes to negative conscious thoughts and emotions. It takes time, practice and persistence, but with positive suggestions and positive thought patterns our subconscious can also be thus influenced to change the whole perception of what is possible on the outside world of our inner psyche.
People tend to self-sabotage their own efforts in their personal and professional lives due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes the self-sabotage is due to low self-esteem, and other times traumatic or negative experiences and influences could have created a wrong image and perception of certain things in people's lives. the kind death god light novel  The outside world becomes a distorted image, instead of what could become a positive reality if our inner world of united minds starts seeing a desired image of what we desire as accomplished in the future.
Envisioning positive scenarios in our mind while we are in a relaxed state can persuade the subconscious into changing the entire perspective regarding an outcome such as getting good or excellent grades in chemistry instead of lower ones. Our subconscious gives us inspiration and hints over time which the conscious mind needs to take heed of in order to put them into action.  
ve, inspiration guided action turns our goal into our reality.