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How the Human Psyche and Consciousness Operates Through the Conscious and Unconscious Minds

Even the psychologist Carl Jung understood that what an individual doesn't make conscious in their inner world and admits, will still appear in their outer world as fate. Simply put what an individual doesn't comprehend about their own psyche, their own unconscious mind will still come out of them, and manifest in the outer world. For instance think of any past or present dictator of any totalitarian left or right regime in the world. They will often point an accusing finger and blame others for their own faults, their own shards of their unconscious mind which they can't or won't face within themselves. Every dictator falls sooner or later due to their own psychological mechanism first and then the fall is manifested through individuals or movements that sense the incoming fall through their own unconscious and bring it about in the outer world which we all perceive. Human psyche is thus an enigma. rokka no yuusha light novel  It's an enigma to science, to reason, to religion, to ancient minds and present philosophers. Some reoccurring patterns within the individual and collective psyche, the states of consciousness over the past, and present have been noticed and written down for better understanding of how people and civilizations operate, grow and fall. Every time any ideology, structure, country, continent, people, individuals were not aware or refused to be aware of their own psychological shortcomings, their spiritual chasm, their own deeds and the consequences of their actions they fell apart first and foremost by their own conscious and unconscious hands. In an essence, to paraphrase Shakespeare, everything we see outside of ourselves and within ourselves is connected and staged. We all act a part, a part shaped by our past, by the thoughts and emotions and vision that unconsciously or consciously pop into our minds, into our inner eye, and heart and manifest as a play, a movie, a staged reality which we think we had no part in staging, fixing, creating or destructing. Every motion of the outside world is a motion within. Every person we meet is pulled towards us and we are pulled towards them due to inner mechanisms, some of which we are aware and some which we are not aware. Like attracts like. To become awake of the laws within us, the whole mechanism of our inner conscious and unconscious minds we have to listen, we have to create, we have to observe, and we have to cultivate positive emotions, thoughts, visions in order to rearrange, change, and create our reality to match our inner one. Every situation in our life in the past or the present we have brought about in part. This doesn't mean that every negative situation was solely our own fault, but it does mean there is room for liberating ourselves from the negative in the future or by even imagining that things developed differently and will develop differently in order to not repeat past mistakes or stay chained to solely one past event or circumstances. Ancient texts, myths, stories were in fact stories about human psychological states, consciousness levels of individuals or collectives imagined internally and perhaps even manifested on the out in their time and space. Perhaps we shall never know for sure, but the myths and legends are there to tell a story about the human psyche, the inner human world where the eternal battles are first conceived and then manifested outside of us like an inner movie projected on an outside screen, kuro no shoukanshi  a screen which we think is the only reality we can ever have or will have. The power to change the movie on the scene is within us. Breaking from the habit of looking on the outside for change and looking on the inside is the first step towards awakening. To be awake means to be aware of the within and imagine a better, kinder, richer outer personal or collective world.