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Best comedy manga in my opinion!

The characters of Yongbi Manga  are the main reason helped me to finish reading and watching all the seasons of Gintama in just a week. I'd never have the capacity to reply that, in the event that you asked me when I began to adore a certain character; they were creeping on me.

The character of Gintama are well rounded and well played. Nobody is perfect; given the time, they're all endearing within their particular manners, although in fact a number of the characters are actually arrant that it may appeared hopeless to love them at first.

The characters that are brand new this season are also memorable, but what strikes me the most is the growth of all supporting characters. We have known them for 250 episodes and we are very much understood their character characteristics. Nevertheless, Sorachi slowly exposed bits by bits of these characters what I feel that seeing Gintama isn't about the characters growing, but me understanding them better. Observing Gintama feels like understanding your buddies in life instead of rooting for a star you have just seen on TVs, although I do not know if this makes sense or not.

So the supporting characters in Gintama are too great they can likely lead their particular show. However, the MC is by no means. Gintoki is the leader of the group, and this season only cemented the fact. He managed all the platitude shounen tropes astonishingly that keeps me rooting for him (there is one second in this season when it is revealed that he is extremely emotionally powerful and mature and that was something I seldom saw in shounen hop's heroes).

Gintoki however, has ever been a contradiction; he'd constantly been annoyingly talkative but really he scarcely said anything significant, he always looked selfish but he's really quite selfless when we think about it.

Enjoyment - For me it's perfect! I love reading this Gintama so much!
Hell yeah the quick pacing keeps the hoopla as well as the enjoyment actual and high. In the event you still do not get it from my ramblings above I actually love this season. Wednesday had become the day I waited the most for these previous year (even more in relation to the weekends!)

Oh, as well as the seiyuus is just another highlight (particularly Sugita and Nakai!) because without them masterfully expressing these strange characters, it will not feel the same. I consider if Gintama was made into radio show, I am going to listen, their voices are the spirit of Gintama.

Total: 10/10
Reading and watching Gintama really makes me quite picky in seeing other anime. It's an entire package that's difficult to overcome; I bet you it is not simple to make a chain since they chose to place a negligible comedy in an otherwise really emotive scene at which you are able to laugh a bit in between tears. Because occasionally it is too amusing that you simply should quit seeing to gather yourself, or gets you laugh as a madman. And this season only has that perfect combination of humor and actions that I cemented it as one of the best  Tales of Demons and Gods in 2016.