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People Create Their Personal Reality from Within

While most people focus on the outside world of seeming circumstances and happenings as a world where they are small and helpless the truth is that people themselves shape their own world with their own limited perception of the outside world. As Carl Jung, the European psychologist, once remarked; "One who looks outside dreams and the one who looks within awakes."
The modern world today seems like a hectic and confusing place where the individual has no power, agency or tools to help themselves in different circumstances. It would seem that most people are then but slaves of outside circumstances, and not agents of their own life. reincarnation light novel  That couldn't be farther from the truth if one understands that we can shape and reshape our personal world from the within first while ignoring whatever the seeming reality outside of us is telling us.
This doesn't mean one can change the entire world all by themselves and the problems within it since that usually does take a greater number of people focused on positive action and perspectives. This does mean that an individual can change their thoughts and feelings regarding a particular personal problem or situation, and focus on thinking and acting in ways where he or she already can see a positive outcome or goal in their minds.
Focusing on a positive outcome or goal conditions our subconscious mind to start noticing and creating positive outcomes and means to them on the seeming outside. Our psyche is created from the conscious and subconscious minds which can work in tandem if our limited conscious mind envisions our accomplished goal within our mind's eye. That vision persuades the subconscious to accept the accomplished goal as a reality which it then has to be projected on the outside of our inner world.
Different religions have tried to explain the human psyche and how it works but the parables and allegories as well as personifications of the human psyche's angels and demons has passed unnoticed to many. As an example in most European pagan traditions some of the gods and goddesses are an actual personification of various states of consciousness. kenkyo kenjitsu  The same can be said of some of the characters and stories within the Bible.
Since every individual creates their own world with the past experiences, fears, doubts, dreams, visions, traumas, influences from other people, it is quite logical that some of those past experiences can be in part rewritten within an individual's imagination to a more desired positive outcome, scenario in order to move past some of internal obstacles to a more fuller and happier life. Of course in cases of severe traumas and experiences it is always helpful to seek out professional help and assistance so that with time and effort an individual's psyche can heal and mend.
The physical world, and this includes Nature, is first and foremost shaped by the spiritual and the laws which govern it. It isn't a coincidence that people are a part of Nature then since all spiritual fabric is connected in certain parts and ways. The nature of an individual's life is created by the inner spiritual world and that world is made of thoughts, feelings and emotions which we tie to our life, how we experience something and how we take in the world outside to our own inside world where they meet, clash, or merge together.