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Observing the anime after finished  Mousou Telepathy Manga  was amazing. I don't know how to say but... Even though it was not "unique" it had its moments.

Narrative 7.0/10
Narrative, was not anything specific. Story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27- year-old shut in or neet. Anyhow, since you may understand he is capable to begin his life over, from high school again. He is still the same age emotionally, it is just his appearance that's changed. Nothing special is worth pointing out in this narrative or mentioning. The entire neet attempting to redo his life gimmick appears uninteresting at first yet and overused, the storyline for every episode would have some intriguing developments which were truly worth seeing. It was not all that bad though, although the storytelling is not consistent, the characters introduced later in the narrative, the buddies of Arata, scenarios and their backstories add for a sensational, really entertaining and psychological encounter. From a comedic point of view, the show is extremely light on jokes. Frequently times there were scenes that seemed to be made for laughs yet, a bulk did not work out and simply of it felt compelled.

I Pacing in the storyline is very slow, together with other attributes this show provides, in the event you need to truly have a great experience seeing for the fascinating narrative, then I strongly recommend that audiences see it at their very own tempo. Also, please ensure that you just do not choose users, myself included (clearly.) Views and reviews and allow them to alter or destroy your view of how the show was perceived by you. Towards the end of the show, around episode 10 I found that there clearly was a great quantity of remarkable build up. There was lots of prospective chances for an astonishing spectacular ending, yet... NOPE! this possibility was thrown out. The last few episodes looked like they should've been aired around 9 or episodes 7 or at the very least. I 'd have liked to seen it focus on branching out if any progress to the storyline could've been made. Frequently times the storyline was all over the area. One episode the storyline follows this character focuses on another character. All and all, I was not impressed with everything that the narrative had to offer. Although foreseeable love affairs were made clear in the narrative, without reading the manga, I however desire to see the last consequence. The narrative earned a fine 7/10 from me partners. 

Artwork 7.0/10
Artwork, cartoon and other relevant matters were quite awful. Character designs together with the cartoon quality for settings seemed old. I really thought I was seeing something from 2008 or 2007. This wouldn't have been such a terrible thing if just the show was not released in 2016... you know, the year we're now in. Along with that, the reaction faces and backdrops used for the characters seemed like they went in the span of the late 2000 also. With settings that fit them reaction faces over the very best. I aspire to view the Bluray launch enhance the caliber of character designs and the settings. I'd completely comprehend if this was ran afterward. overall it is simply unacceptable.  Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko

Sound 5.5/10
I am hoping you like pianos...

The soundtrack of it was not good enough. It was like they were on something or a budget. I used to not actually care for the ending and opening songs. Along with the background tunes weren't, at all, unique. Now normally, I really like pianos, in the event that you have ever read some of my previous reviews you know I am a sucker for pianos, being all and keyboardist and a pianist. However, there's scarcely any tunes playing for nearly all the time, I will be fair. I kid you not, there are like 5 or 3 tunes played in the background, they all don't seem to fit with whatever scenarios going on in the show. Frequently times it was as in the event the background music was added to prevent a picture for feeling dull or dull. What got my attention in the sound section was quiet the show is. Backdrop characters do not say anything. No speaking at the fireworks festival, school from backdrop characters, it felt a little too odd to me.

Characters 7.0/10
The characters felt so one sided. Each had one different characteristic about themselves that made the person stand out, just. Developing intimate relationships between females and the men were foreseeable and really, quite, platitude. I mean, to the stage where it was not cunning, or pleasant, nor mental. You can very quickly tell whose going to wind up with who based upon their activities with one another. The character growth in the show is minuscule. Chizuru is like the sole character in the show that's any important character progression and growing. I found this to be unsatisfactory since I believed that if anything Arata would have been demonstrated to possess the most favorable developments in the chain.

Enjoyment 7.0/10
It felt like I was only in it for the ride while observing a manga. It felt ran in those sections. The 6/10 was only earned by the show. If you're a fan of Read Manga, it'd be a nice ride.