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A beautiful world!

In my point of view, Made in Abyss Manga is a tale of a journey to the land of no return.
Also, giant mind-reading porcupines, do not forget those.
It is bizarre, beautiful, creative, painfully emotional and odd (did I mention carnivorous porcupines?
It is one of my all-time favorites, so allow me to tell you why.

So, what does make Made in Abyss so special?
It is a weird and fascinating Location With its own laws of physics, mythology, and ecosystem.

Stunning flower meadow, eager to kill you dead, maybe worse?

A legendary weapon that misfires regularly and gets lost all of the time?

It's remarkable. design and composition, exquisite shadows and lighting - this manga has it all and then some. It's a visual feast putting to shame at least 90 percent Of all of the other manga out there.
Additionally, the characters. Some of them are extremely likable, some are instantly hateful, some are totally incomprehensible but every one of

Them (including minor parts making an appearance in a few panels) is distinctly and beautifully drawn and feels as real and alive as anything ever

committed to paper.

All that being said if I had to single out one element that contributes most prominently to the greatness of Made in Abyss that would have to be

the story.
It's exciting, dreadful, weird, breathtaking and totally unpredictable. I mean, you get a general idea and know where it's supposed to take you

eventually (although I strongly suspect it's going to be more of a way-point than the finish line) but have you the foggiest what's going to jump

in your face when you turn the next page? Not a chance.
Anything can happen to anyone, all bets are off, no happy endings are guaranteed (neither are bad ones, for that matter). Have you ever been Too

scared to turn a page but unable not to? You'll Have this pleasure.
That's something you should be aware of before entering the Abyss - This isn't a lighthearted story. I've seen this Read Manga Online being described as a

cross between Ichigo Mashimaro and Berserk and this analogy might just have grasped the gist of it. As the story progresses it grows darker, more

disturbing and ominous. It's the main reason I only give it 9 points - sometimes reading Made in Abyss is frustrating and pretty painful. Still, if

that is something you can stomach you're in for an experience well worth your while.

Final thoughts:
Made in Abyss is an outstanding work of art by any standard. Cute and gritty, vivid and gloomy, delicate and overwhelming, heart-warming and

spine-chilling - it'll sweep you off your feet and drag you down into a world of sinister beauty you will never forget.

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